Some of the worlds best cutting-edge street art is in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon.
Lisbon appears to have embraced this controversial art form and the works adorn almost every surface throughout this beautiful city, from derelict buildings, subways, car parks, litter bins and walls in every street.
The Galeria de Arte Urbana supports street art and has areas where graffiti artists can operate legally. New work is appearing everyday. There is everything from the humorous and political to jaw dropping good art. Some of the best international artists work is on view in the streets of Lisbon including Momo, Blu, Sam3, Os Gemeos and Vhils.
I have tried to do justice in capturing just a small sample of this work. My thanks to the Galeria de Arte Urbana and of course all the wonderful artists.
Lisbon Street Art .... coffee table book is now out and available from Amazon and has the full collection of photographs, a small sample below.
Now available as an E Book too.
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